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let's pretend that's spelled correctly.
Het There Kin! What's up? how's the going bac to school thing? nuff said. Later!!
To all our Phoenix Rising Dad's...Happy Father's Day!!!
Happy Mother's Day!!
Happy Mother's Day to all our Phoenix Rising Moms!
Praying y'all get better soon!
Feel better!!!!
hi everyone have had bad stomuch flu will be back as so as we can
Of course, you could always be reinvited back to the kin. :)
Don't forget to log into all of your toons so you won't accidentally get booted for inactivity!
officers please send your events for next month to Dranwyn so she can send out the newsletter
Big Congrats to Hord And Arb! The Kin is in Great hands going forward. NADA! Love Always For your Vision,Compassion and pesistence(spelling?) in Creating this wonderfull kin and laying all the ground work for such a stable kinship for us all!!!
And all thank Nada <3
all hail hord!
hi everyone
Cadecar NorthTook
Hey Guys!!!!! I've been gone for over a year but i finally updated my mac so i can play soon!
I don't think it deletes an character, unless you purposely delete it, or if that character were under vip, and you no longer use vip for that extra toon slot. Not sure, try contacting Turbine. Sounds weird.
I cant access Bowkeeper
hey does the game delete an account that hasnt been used in around a year?
Phoenix rising is a fun active kin, founded on the belief that all voice matter, and that the word kin, should break down to mean freinds and family as well. To the Kin members of Phoenix Rising, this is more then just a kin, this is family. Friends family: Kin
Coming Soon
the rules
~Everyone here is equal...officers, leaders, members, recruits. All voices and opinions matter and everyone's different opinions should be respected.

~We are a casual kin - meaning that, while playing the game is important, combat is not always the driving force of many members. This is a place to relax and unwind from busy real lives. If you need help and receive it, that's wonderful. Please do not badger people to help you. If they are unable or unwilling to help, that is their own choice.

~Put-downs, cursing (outside of reason), or singling out members to torment them will not be tolerated. This can and will result in a ban from the kin.

~Sexually explicit conversations are strictly prohibited in this kin. Conversation topics on this site and in the game are to follow a PG-13 format. If an officer asks you to cease your current conversation, please do so. Otherwise, a ban might follow.

~We follow the Golden Rule: Treat others how you wish to be treated. Some rules you just don't grow out of.

~No blaming each other for failure ~Real Life comes first. If a member needs to take an extended vacation away from the game, please let any of the officers know and put a note on one of your toons. That way, they are not removed for inactivity.

~Recruitment: do not spam recruits. Most of us agree there is nothing more annoying than getting random invites for kins. If you're looking to recruit new members, send a tell.

~Kin ranks: New members must wait two weeks before being promoted to member level. If a warning occurs within the recruitment waiting period, officers reserve the right to wait a little longer on promotions. The rank of Officer can be achieved if all kin officers decide that a particular member has proven themselves to the officers.

~Kin members who are removed from kin for behavioral issues must be posted on this website in the officer section with the reason why. Kin members will be given one warning about their behavior. If it persists, any officer has the right to remove the kin member from the kin. However, if the member is removed, it is to be reported on the website in the officer section, not only the removal but why the removal occurred. (Both original warning and then the proceeding ban should be recorded.)

~A kin member will have a warning on their record for a month and a half (45 days). If the member has good behavior (i.e. no more warnings), the record will be cleared.

~Officers, including the leader of the kin, are all required to follow the same rules as everyone else. If they are found to be breaking the rules they will be warned, then stripped of their titles,rank and thrown down to recruit level. If behavior continues, the officer will be removed.

~all kin are required if they have alts, to label them, you can do this by putting a note on there account. each toon must labeled as one of yours even if you put alt of main. if you are unsure how to do this, message an officer and we will gladly instruct you on how.

~power leveling, as defined by by lord of the rings staff is strictly forbidden.
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